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14 Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

It’s not an argument that needs to be discussed: dogs are, needless to say, much better than cats. Where do we even begin? There’s a reason why these furry little human companions are dubbed as a man’s (or woman’s) best friend.

Besides the fact that going home to a cat can be quite anticlimactic, felines tend to behave indifferently towards their human peers. With dogs, on the other hand, it’s all laughs, giggles and tickles. No joke.

So, if you’re wondering whether to purchase a cat or dog, here are 14 reasons why dogs are better than cats – both as pets and generally speaking.

Dogs Will Always Be by Your Side

Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

While this applies both in the literal and metaphorical sense, we mean this literally. Dogs will follow you everywhere you go. Getting up to get water from the kitchen? Your dog will follow you. Going to the bathroom? Your dog will follow you. About to leave the apartment? Your dog will walk you all the way to the door, to get that goodbye kiss.

Having your dog always by your side is a great way to stay within your comfort zone while doing outdoor activities. It’s also a guaranteed way to get you some new friends. People will want to pet your dog, and if you find another dog owner, you’ll find something to bond about in the park.

They Have Rounded Personalities

While cats are limited in communication – just meowing at you or purring loudly – dogs have a wide range of ways to express themselves. They want to make you happy, and they express their happiness by wagging their tails, smiling, or getting all excited around you. Their characteristics are also capable of loyalty – something that every dog owner appreciates. Cats, on the other hand, will not really cater to your emotions.

Dogs Can Be Adventurous Travel Companions

Travel with dog

Cat videos are cute and all, but what about having an adventure buddy going on trips with you everywhere? Whether it’s on a road trip or out hiking, your dog will be up for the adventure. Dogs are more hardworking and can put up with much more effort than their feline counterparts.

In an adventure, dogs will also make sure to watch out for you, just like you watch out for them. If you’re hurt, they’ll try to get help by barking. If there’s danger, your dog will be sure to protect you. In all cases, dogs are definitely better travel companions than cats.

Dogs Are All About Fun & Games

For dogs, it’s all play, no work. Dogs just want to play and have fun with their owners. You fetch anything – a ball, a rope or a toy – and you’ll find that your dog is suddenly engaging you in a game of tug-o-war.

While cats sometimes do play with strings, most grow out of the habit by the time they hit their adult years. With dogs, they’ll never get bored. Whether it’s outdoors in the backyard or indoors in your house, you’ll always find some playtime to keep you entertained.

Dogs Can Protect You

Dogs Can Protect You

If there’s ever an impending stranger or an unfortunate break-in in your apartment, who do you think you can count on? Cats are more likely to flee if there’s a stranger – friendly or not – in the room.

A dog, however, will either bark to warn you, or growl at the stranger at an attempt to scare them off. If your dog is trained enough, or has it in his nature, he might even pounce. When it comes to keeping you safe, your dog will be the first one by your side.

Dogs Are Happy to See You – Always

The longer the time of absence between you and your dog, the more excited your dog will be to see you. That’s just how it works. Whenever you go home, you’ll find your dog bouncing with excitement and ecstatically wagging their tails. No, it’s not because they want to eat – it’s because they’re excited to see YOU!

Cats, unlike dogs, will never express that much of excitement to you. They might meow once or twice, but it’s probably because they want to be fed. Cats sometimes even avoid their owners – unlike dogs, which is never the case.

You Can Teach Your Dog Party Tricks

Teach Your Dog Party Tricks

How many times have you seen a cat respond to “sit”? Probably never. With dogs, however, there’s a whole assortment of commands and tricks that you could teach them. It’s a great way to improve your bond with your pet, and also a neat way to impress some people.

It’s easier to train dogs than cats. Dogs will respond to delicious treats and have the ability to remember certain signals. This means it will also be easier to teach them commands, such as ‘roll,’ ‘sit,’ or ‘high five.’

Dogs Respond Better to Change

If you’re moving apartments or locations, you’ll find that dogs cope better than cats. Cats can remain fearful of a new place for a while, taking time to grow accustomed to the area. Dogs, however, will be sniffing as soon as they step foot into the new apartment.

Dogs Want to Cheer You Up

Happy dog

Since dogs have a wider range of emotional capabilities, they will be able to read the air. If you’re feeling down, gloomy and sad, your pet dog might come and snuggle next to you. This is your dog trying to cheer you up.

If you’re having a bad day, your dog will notice this. If you’re feeling grumpy, they might go quieter so as to not bother you. But your pet dog will most likely want to cheer you up and make sure that everything is okay. There’s also the plus side of talking to them about your problems and not even have to worry about being judged!

Dogs Keep You Active & Moving

Having a pet dog is a great way to ensure that you get a little movement in your day. Perhaps you’re at the office all day, on a desk; or you’re too tired or lazy to get out of bed. Your dog will not let you stay on the couch for too long, though.

Going on a walk with your bud is not only a great afternoon activity but is also an essential element to your dog’s health. In retrospect, cats can literally sleep all day (only waking up to have water and food breaks), therefore encouraging lazy behavior.

Dogs, unlike cats, will help you lead a healthy lifestyle due to all the activity and love that you’re getting.

You Don’t Need to Clean Up Litter Boxes

Every cat owner knows how much of a stinking mess cleaning up litter boxes can be. However, if you’re a dog owner, then you might have never needed to experience that. Trained dogs will understand that if it’s time to go to the bathroom, then that means it’s time to go outside.

Cat litters, on the other hand, are usually kept indoors, which leaves a lingering smell in the house. Plus, it needs to be cleaned every week.

Dogs Will Unconditionally Love You

Dog love little girl

If your dog doesn’t love you, then you must have done something REALLY bad to wrong them. Otherwise, your pet dog will usually love you unconditionally. They will also be sure to express that in a range of ways.

For example, dogs will be so excited when you go home that they’ll be bouncing up and down, making it difficult to enter your home if they’re large. Dogs will also lick your face endlessly, and curl up by your side when they’re more relaxed.

Cats, on the other hand, will only ever love you if they want food, or if it’s almost lunchtime.

There’s a Study That Shows Dogs Are Better Than Cats

A 2009 scientific study points out that dogs actually make better pets than cats. The study looked into different characteristics and elements in the canines and felines, analyzing their bonding, intelligence and obedience. And to no surprise, dogs won this little experiment.

Both mammals were tested on their ability to understand and follow commands, solve problems, and bond with their owners. Dogs won the scores. Go dogs!

Dogs Are a Man’s Best Friend

Dogs Are a Man’s Best Friend

There’s a reason why no one says “cats are a man’s best friend.” Because it’s not true. Dogs have long ago won the title as man’s best companion. Dogs were bred from wolves by humans to be friendly canines that can help laborers in farm or fieldwork.

This development in canines gave humans loyal and faithful companions willing to go the extra mile to be there for you. The human-dog bond is much stronger than the human-cat bond.

Dogs and cats each have their pros and cons, and the battle between cat people and dog people is never-ending. But we think the answer to this age-old battle is obvious: dogs make better pets than cats.

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