Can Dogs Get depressed

Can Dogs Get Depressed?

So can dogs get depressed? It’s quite a heartbreaking sight, seeing your usually bright and cheerful puppers looking all blue and gloomy. What’s wrong with my dog? Is he depressed? Did

Why Do Dogs Yawn?

So why do dogs yawn? If you’re a dog owner, you might notice that your dog is yawning quite often. Yes, like humans, dog will yawn if they are tired or
Do Dogs Dream

Do Dogs Dream?

So do dogs dream? Every pup owner has wondered about this. The subject of dreams is fascinating as of itself – taking a trip from your bed to the ends of
Why Do Dogs Bury Bones

Why Do Dogs Bury Bones?

Does your pet dog bury bones? Dogs bury bones, dig them up and they tend to bury them again at a different place. Dogs as a breed like to hide
Do Dogs Have Periods

Do Dogs Have Periods?

So do dogs have periods? To cut the long story short, yes, dogs have periods. Not unless you spay them, that is. Non-spayed female dogs can get their periods or
Do dogs cry?

Do Dogs Cry?

So do dogs cry? You’ve probably been there before. You’re getting dressed, about to leave the house, and suddenly your dog begins to whimper. Is he crying? What’s going on? The truth
Why is My Dog Not Eating

Why is My Dog Not Eating?

So why is my dog not eating? Have you noticed that your dog’s eating habits have changed recently? Like humans, dogs’ appetites can fluctuate as they age and develop through life.
Why do dogs eat grass?

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

So why do dogs eat grass? You might find yourself wondering whether you saw your dog eating grass earlier in the day when you two were out for a walk. Dogs
Shaking dog

Why Do Dogs Shake?

So why do dogs shake? At one point in your life as a dog owner, you’ll come across your dog trembling, quivering, or even shaking. Your first instinct will be to
Why do dogs pant?

Why Do Dogs Pant?

Have you ever heard your dog breathing heavily and wondered, why do dogs pant? Dogs pant and this is normal in healthy dogs. Panting helps regulate the body temperature of dogs.