So which dog personalities do you know of?

There comes a point at every person’s life in which they consider adopting or buying a dog. Whether it’s because of their loyal personalities or how adorable furry they are, dogs can be a perfect furry companion, all the more so if the two of you get along.

Just like people, dogs come with different personalities, and so it’s important to consider your compatibility when choosing a dog. Do you want a calm and sleepy dog, or a fearless watchdog?

Here are the different types of personalities in dogs that might fit your lifestyle.

Different dog Personalities

The Darling Afghan Hound

Dog Personalities

You can spot an Afghan Hound from a mile away because of their long mane of sleek fur. Afghan Hounds are playful in nature and will love you if you give them attention (they’re silly in nature, so you’ll have to play out of the box for these ones).

However, as much as they like to play, they also like to be left alone like cats to recharge. So if you need your time to cool off, Afghan Hounds are perfect because they are too are sometimes independent and aloof. However, you also need to be ready to dedicate a lot of time to grooming this dog; one look at an Afghan Hound will tell you that they need regular hair trims for their comfort.

The Adventurous Alaskan Malamute

Dog Personalities

Alaskan Malamutes stand out for their size and the amount of black and white fur on their backs, resembling something out of a postcard.

The malamutes, originally bred to pull sleds in snowy landscapes, are energetic, intelligent and far from aggressive and are in fact patient. They are playful in nature and will work well if you enjoy the outdoors or have kids who like to play with dogs.

They’re very social animals so they require a lot of attention, especially as puppies.

 The Low-Key Basset Hound

Dog Personalities

If you’re an easygoing guy or gal who loves to socialize and mingle with people of all sorts, then the Basset Hound is for you. This short-legged breed is known for its good nature and peacefulness, as well as its commitment to entertain and be entertained.

You better make sure that you remain active, though, because if it doesn’t move its bum its prone to gain lots of weight. But the playful dogs will be ready to bounce and chase after anything if enticed.

The Curious Hunter Beagle

Dog Personalities

If you’re looking for a small buddy to help you discover new places and sniff out things and people, then the curious Beagle is for you. These small little puppers are curious in nature and are also encompass a happy-go-lucky attitude. If you’re shy, then this dog is a sure way to help you get out of your comfort zone, as their temperament is social.

The Sassy Chihuahua

Dog Personalities

The famous chihuahua, often seen carried in purses or sporting a fashionable puppy sweater, is usually swooned over for its tiny size and adorable face.

Don’t let all that cuteness fool you though…. This small dog has the ego of a Great Dane, which can be comical when they’re caught barking at a dog that’s five times its size. However, chihuahuas are not necessarily social or anti-social, and that generally depends on the chihuahua that you’ve happened to pick.

The Playful Golden Retriever

Dog Personalities

Golden Retrievers are well-around known for their playful and bouncy nature, as well as their tendency to love humans around them.

Belonging to the sporting group, these majestic dogs are known for their ability to execute serious work, but they also enjoy spending their time playing in the outdoors or in wide open spaces. If you’re looking for a buddy to enjoy the sunny outdoors with, then this is it.

English Bulldog

Dog Personalities

Despite their sad, long faces, English Bulldogs are in fact happy puppies who love to cuddle.

If you enjoy watching movies or spend a lot of time in bed, then you’ll be happy to know that as these doggos get older, they start to appreciate the bed-life more and more. And you’ll definitely find them snoozing by your side. They’re not troublesome with strangers, and if shy, then they’ll just remain withdrawn or reserved.

The Brave German Shepherd

Dog Personalities

 If you’re someone who’s looking for protection, then the German Shepherd is your friend. This courageous breed is loyal to their owners and close friends and are also confident and intelligent.

They act well as guide dogs and will do well to protect you. If you’re a social person who brings many people over, then you better be careful with this one because he/she might start getting protective. However, to those in its small circle, the German Shepherd will be sure to be a good boy.

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