Mistakes You Should Avoid As A Dog Owner

It’s never too early to begin training

It’s an amazing experience seeing your puppy for the first time. Those first days, even when you discover you have a real little troublemaker, are just awesome. But someone once wrote a golden sentence: “Training begins that moment when a dog enters your home.”
Not just for the puppy/dog, but for you as well, and the other members of your household. Everyone has its own part in raising a puppy/dog. So, as soon as you set up some ground rules on everything in your home, chores and stuff like that, training will become easier and with it your new relationship will flourish.

Don’t compare your dog to other dogs

You’ve seen someone else’s dog, the same breed as yours doing things great.
Just because they share the same breed, two of them are not the same. Every dog has its own personality, just like humans do. Furthermore, not every owner has the same relationship with their K9 companion. This means that someone can teach his dog to do all kinds of tricks and stuff, and someone can’t. Can you?
Its all about self-awareness. You need to be fully aware of your and your best friend’s personality and possibilities.

Don’t let everyone pet your dog

Dogs are intelligent creatures, but they need some guidance. This is where you step in. Your dog will look and learn from every move you make, especially when it comes to social interactions. If you let everyone pet your dog, you might send wrong signals. And if you ever find yourself in some tricky situation, where your dog should react. Either barking or even attacking someone, your dog might not do so. All because throughout its growth, you were the one sending him those wrong signals.
Instead, do this, if you are talking to someone on the street, tell your four-legged friend to sit and wait. Until you give him a sign its okay to go say hello.

Don’t let you your dog sniff every dog

“He’s friendly, he loooooves dogs!” Not every dog loves all dogs. If you see a dog, and yours is overexcited to meet him, wait until you can see the other owner, so you can ask them if it is ok for your dogs to play, and hang out. Those few seconds you two wait will get you out of many embarrassing situations, or God forbid, a fight. Additionally, you should use that time to evaluate, as good as you can, if the other dog is healthy before giving your buddy a green light to have fun.

Food bowl doesn’t need to be full all the time

Many people make mistake by thinking that food needs to be available for the furry family member all the time. It doesn’t. Almost every dog food has a little chart on the packaging that shows the amount of food that is enough for one day, and in most cases, they’re right. Regular meals and that’s it. This way you can monitor how much food did the little monster devour, and if so, how much it didn’t. Plus, it will spare you from humiliating yourself while singing songs and begging them to eat. But, and this one is important, don’t forget to give your good boy treats as a positive reinforcement when he deserves it.

Walking without a leash

Dogs will be dogs. If you think that your dog is an amazing trainee, and that they can walk around without a leash, you’re wrong. As ordinary for us, our streets are a funny world full of distractions for dogs. A cat, a squirrel or what not, will trigger your dog’s basic instinct to start chasing it. Just Imagine running after your dog in a forest for few miles because he thought he can catch a deer. Yes, that happens.
You can prevent that by keeping the leash on throughout the entire walk, being focused, and take on the lead if it starts pulling. Hey, as harsh as it might sound for you, from a dog’s perspective it is better to be on a leash than under a car!

Forcing your dog to love kids

If you have a kid, and a dog, you will need to spend a lot of time with them together, so you can have full trust in them before you decide it’s ok to leave them alone for few minutes. Dogs are patient, that’s what we all love about them, but they also love their personal space, and are very territorial. Kids tend to brake that rule, often! They need someone who can explain to them what’s right and what’s wrong. So, until you gain trust in both of them, you need to let the dog be the one who approaches first, and while it’s close, start talking to your kid. Teach him/her what is the proper way of petting and when it’s not ok to touch the dog, or invade its personal space. Better safe than sorry. So much better.

Skipping regular checkups

Many owners visit the vet only when the dog is sick. That causes many things. One of them is fear of the veterinarian, because they only get there to get shots, do blood test etc. That is not a good thing, and this is why. When our pooches are sick, even the smallest thing can stress them out, that includes visits to the vet, whom they’re afraid of. You can skip that by going to regular checkups. Or even better, put a leash on your dog and casually stop by your vet just to say hi. That’s called positive reinforcement.
Visit your vet regularly, and check up on that little monster of yours.

Don’t spoil your dog!

The amount of cuteness in their shiny eyes can never measure up to their brilliance. Trust me!
They are well known for their mind games, and if you put your guard down, just for a minute, they will take full advantage of your weakness towards them, and make an idiot out of you. You need to be the leader of your pack and your dog needs to know who makes the decisions.
Basically, they do this just to get what they want. If they want to take your food or disobey some command they will try to get away with it with the most famous “puppy eyes”. They will even pretend to be dead if needed to get you fooled. And once they got you, it’s game over. You must find a way to hold your ground and be the one who is the leader.

Your dog doesn’t need to take a bath once a week

Dogs don’t need to be clean all the time. In people’s logic, it’s better if they are, because that way it’s easier to let them jump in your bed and curl up next to you. This can make major problems with their coat, and their skin. The coat can lose its natural ointments, and that means losing shine or even falling off, causing a big problem for the dog. Skin however can become dry, itchy and scratchy all the time and can lead to a serious case of dermatitis. Brush your dog regularly, and that is how you’ll get rid of those excess hairs, dead skin cells, etc. They might stink a bit, but it’s a healthy stink. And yes, we stink to them as well without you knowing it.

As most of these things listed above it all come down to what works for you two. There is no, one fits all answer and what works for you might not work for others. We hope we gave you some value with this article and maybe got you thinking. Is there any thing you would ad our take away from this post? Tell us, we love to hear about it!

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