So exactly why do dogs follow you to the bathroom?

Once you decided to own a dog, you can be sure you’ve got a friend for life. Dogs bring joy and many new adventures and experiences to everyone’s life. However, dog owners know the best how pooches may act very clingy sometimes.

They thrive for our constant attention even when we’re not in a mood for playing. This also implies the lack of your own intimacy. Some of you probably know very well what we are talking about. That’s why we want to represent you with the most common reasons of why dogs follow you to the bathroom.

Why do dogs follow you to the bathroom

What is the root of such a behavior?

We all know that dogs are pack animals. Since they’re direct descendants of wolfs, they instinctually seek to join packs.

Therefore, it’s not surprising why those furry creatures get along well with so many other animals. It’s also the reason for their special bond to humans.

Dogs follow you to the bathroom and around the house because it’s their instinct to want to be with you. He’s not following you because he wants to interrupt your privacy. He’s actually doing it because he just wants to be with you.

People are social beings as well as dogs are.  That’s why they have the instinctual sense to join us. As a dog owner, you’ve certainly noticed that there’re well behaved and badly behaved dogs.

The reason for it is that every dog needs a strong leader who should teach him how to behave. Therefore, it’s highly important to set the roles from the very beginning.

If the dog doesn’t have a strong leader who will teach him good behavior, there’re huge possibilities that such a dog will become unbalanced. A dog shows behavioral problems only in case of a lack of leadership and miscommunication.

Dogs simply shouldn’t be bosses in the house because it leads to a general dissatisfaction and misbalance.

Being a good leader without teaching a dog certain commands and using a properly conditioned language simply won’t work. Therefore, every dog owner should know to make the balance and meet the dog’s most important instinctual and psychological needs.

It’s all about being a Velcro

Another reason why dogs follow you to the bathroom is that some of them belong to Velcro group of dogs. Velcro dogs are more prone to constant following the owners. That happens because they were bred to work alongside their loving families.

So, what are Velcro dogs?

There’re a few types of dogs that simply can not live without their human. Otherwise called lap dogs, they would follow their owners to the end of the World. Lap dogs have been bred in the past for hundreds of years to protect their owners. That’s why these dogs follow you to the bathroom with such excitement.

 If you own a hunting or herding dog breed, you can forget about having privacy. Hunting and herding dogs are specially bred to follow their humans. Due to this reason, these dogs start feeling anxious in moments they aren’t with their owners they can follow. They’re constantly seeking for physical activity. Hunting and herding dog owners should act very carefully by leaving them home alone for a long period of time. Spending time without their families can lead to anxiety and distress in these dogs. Since they have a stubborn and smart nature at the same time, you can’t trick them so easily.

Companion dogs such as French bulldogs and Labrador retrievers are also the breeds prone to constant following their owners. One of the most popular family dog breeds in the World is certainly the Labrador retriever. Their human is their pack leader, so it means they need to patrol and protect the house all the time.

Working dogs are widely famous for their high energy level. They’re always looking for constant mentally and physically stimulation. Therefore, they require a lot of attention from their owners.

Dogs follow you to the bathroom because they think you’re marking the territory

Since dogs are highly intelligent creatures, they make conclusions according to their animal sense of thinking. It means that dogs actually connect yours going to the bathroom with marking the territory. Besides all previously mentioned facts, your dog may think you’re trying to protect the pack’s territory. So, what does the dog need to do in such a situation? The dog’s main role is to protect you from potential danger. He’s backing you up for your own safety.

Why do dogs follow you to the bathroom

Showing some curiosity

Besides all the previously mentioned facts, you need to know that dogs are naturally curious creatures. They want to find out why you shut the door in front of their noses every time you go into that room. It’s the place where they hear water leak and smell some different odors.  The bathroom seems to be the place where they can’t step inside so easily. That’s why they want to find what is hiding behind that door. One thing is for sure. He thinks that you’re marking the territory, but he doesn’t know why he’s not able to join you.

How to find the solution

Well, we know that in most cases we don’t plan our going to the bathroom. In case you want to spend some time alone and enjoy privacy while taking a bath, then you might think about buying interactive toys. Interactive dog toys like stuffed toys are great in keeping dog’s attention. He will certainly need some time to figure out how it works. You can be sure that a tasty surprise he’ll get will thrill him more than following you to the bathroom.

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